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Make a difference in an bird's life

The care and enrichment of a parrot is 2.5x more costly than a cat or a dog. The Hamilton Aviary cares almost 30 birds, the equivalent of 75 dogs or cats. The Sponsor a Bird program lets you join a community of people whose annual commitment provides the necessary support to care for parrots, and to continue the Hamilton Aviary's work. 

Keep scrolling to meet our 'adoptable' birds who would love to call your their sponsor. Click on the bird to learn more about them and to become a sponsor!


Sponsor Perks

Becoming a sponsor is more than just a donation - its membership to our Sponsor Club, a community of compassionate supporters. We value our sponsorship community greatly and are always coming up with ways to show our appreciation. All members of our Sponsor Club receive: ​

  • visual recognition on your sponsored bird's cage sign 

  • a branded certificate with your name on it

  • information on the personality and quirks of your sponsored bird

  • exclusive images of your bird 

  • knowing you have made a difference in a bird's life

You can join the Hamilton Aviary's Sponsor Club with a one-time annual sponsorship of a bird. All sponsorships are 100% tax deductible. Charitable receipts will be issued for all sponsorships. 

Meet the Birds


Since it is often too costly for one person to fund the care of one bird, we must provide for the needs of our birds with the help of multiple generous sponsors. As a sponsor, your contribution not only supports your adopted bird but is put into a general fund that works to provide sanctuary to all birds at the aviary. The more sponsors we have, the better we can care for our birds. 

Does my feathered friend have more than one sponsor?

Sponsorship donations can be made in full on an annual basis.  

How do I make my sponsorship donation?

Have a question that is not here? Send us an email at

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