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Goffin Cockatoo 

Cacatua goffiniana 

Hatch date: 1970s

Hatch date:  2005

Age:  Unknown

Sex: Male

Sex: Female

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Age:  19

Population Size

100,000 -499,999


35-40 years



Also called the Tanimbar corella, the Goffin cockatoo is one of the smallest of the cockatoos. Native to the Banda Sea Islands of Yamdena and Larat (Tanimbar), this cockatoo has also been introduced areas outside its native range to Puerto Rico, Singapore and Taiwan. 

Conservation Status 

Population Size



Native to such a small range, threats to this species pose a much higher risk than to birds with a larger range. Habitat loss combined with continued poaching has caused a decline in their population numbers and has lead to its classification as Near Threatened. It was also historically persecuted as a crop pest and hunted for food in some regions of the islands. 

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Lifestyle & Adaptations

Goffin cockatoos - like most parrots - are naturally curious. Combined with the dexterity of their feet, beak and tongue they make for excellent explorers and innovators. Goffin cockatoos have even been observed making and using not one, not two, but three different types of  tools to access their favourite fruit. From bark and twigs the wild Goffin cockatoos made tools that wedged open the fruit, pierced the seed coatings scooped out the seeds from inside. 


Did you know...

That the Goffin cockatoo is named after Andreas Leopold Goffin, a Dutch naval officer and friend to the naturalist Otto Finsch. Finsch was the first European to describe the Goffin cockatoo and named the bird in honour of his late friend. 

The name cockatoo is the anglicized version of the Malay word 'kakaktua' for older sister or older brother


O’Hara, M., Mioduszewska, B., Mundry, R., Haryoko, T., Rachmatika, R., Prawiradilaga, D. M., ... & Auersperg, A. M. (2021). Wild Goffin’s cockatoos flexibly manufacture and use tool sets. Current Biology, 31(20), 4512-4520.

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