The Hamilton Aviary is dedicated to making a lasting connection with bird lovers. We offer individuals, families and businesses a chance to learn more about avian life, the ecosystems needed for them to thrive and the consequences of removing birds from their natural environment - both positive and negative.

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Our public tours have formed a deep love of birds in Hamilton for many generations. From our days at Dundurn Castle to our current home in Churchill Park, families come together to experience avian life up close and personal. Book your tour today!


Through our tropical birds, we have the potential to inspire a love of reading in children. Parrots and children are both naturally curious, reading together forms a bond and inspires confidence in young readers. Get in touch with us today to enroll or learn more about this program.



Partners in the non profit sector are a thing of beauty! The Hamilton Aviary is proud to team up with like-minded organizations who share our values and beliefs about community, team work and ever growing need to stay connected with one another. If you believe our missions can work in harmony together, let's talk!

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Keep Cats Safe and Save Bird Lives

Cats and wildlife need to be kept separate, for the benefit of both. Permitting your cat to roam unsupervised puts your pet and local wildlife at risk. The Hamilton Aviary joins Nature Canada in making Canada a safer place for both cats and birds. Learn more today!



Making Communities Better Together

The Hamilton Aviary is empowered by GigitCommunity! This online tool was dreamed up and created in Dundas, Ontario and gives us the ability to recruit and manage volunteers, connect with online donors and offer our merchandise to bird lovers everywhere!