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Umbrella Cockatoo 

Cacatua alba

Hatch date: 1997

Age:  27

Sex: Female

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Mirnaly S. 

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Population Size

43,000 - 183,000


80 years



Also known as the White Cockatoo, this parrot is native to the tropical forest islands of Indonesia. The Umbrella Cockatoo is most famous for its impressive crest, from which it gets its name. 

Conservation Status 

Population Size



As a result of of extreme poaching, deforestation and insufficient protection measures the Yellow-headed amazon is classified as an Endangered species. Between 1970 and 1994 this species suffered a 90% population decline and has lost 77.4% of its primary habitat to agriculture. Currently much of their habitat remains outside of the systems of national protected area. Due to this these parrots remain under heavy pressure from development, poaching and illegal fires. 

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What is a Cockatoo?

All cockatoos are parrots, but not all parrots are cockatoos. What makes cockatoos so special?

Cockatoos have crests that they use to communicate 

Cockatoos have powder feathers instead of oil glands to help them preen

Cockatoos have a gallbladder!

Did you know that the word cockatoo orginates from the Malay work 'kakaktua' which means older sister! 

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