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Yellow-headed Amazon 

Amazona ochrocephala oratri 

Hatch date: Unknown

Sex: Female 

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Waheeda L. 


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Population Size

4,700 approx. 


80 years



Also known as the Double yellow-headed Amazon due to its yellow nape and crown, this parrot is mostly found in Mexico but is also native to parts of Central America including Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. These birds like subtropical and tropical forests, mangrove swamps, and coastal areas where there are trees available for nesting.

Conservation Status 

Population Size



As a result of of extreme poaching, deforestation and insufficient protection measures the Yellow-headed amazon is classified as an Endangered species. Between 1970 and 1994 this species suffered a 90% population decline and has lost 77.4% of its primary habitat to agriculture. Currently much of their habitat remains outside of the systems of national protected area. Due to this these parrots remain under heavy pressure from development, poaching and illegal fires. 

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Did you know...

All parrots have a special built-in defence against disease in the colour of their feathers. Psittacofulvins (sit-a-co-full-vins) are a special pigment that parrots produce that give them their green, yellow and red colours. 

Amazon parrots are monomorphic, which means that males and females look the exact same. The only way to tell the difference is either through DNA testing or if one of the lays and egg! 

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