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August 8th 2023 Press Release

Updated: Aug 17, 2023


The Hamilton Aviary Needs a New Home!

Hamilton, Ontario August 4, 2023 - The Hamilton Aviary is seeking a new home. After nearly 100 years of caring for our flock, we urgently need a new home. With a deteriorating building and aging infrastructure, the Aviary has been notified that we need to move from our current location at 85 Oak Knoll Drive as soon as possible.

We are looking for an existing building, ideally on a city bus route, that would allow us to provide care and sanctuary for our Flock of 18 parrots and 6 finches or some land for us to build an aviary using a generous donation specifically earmarked for this.

If we don’t find a suitable location quickly, we will be forced to rehome our birds.

Our dedicated volunteers feed and care for the birds 365 days a year. We engage and encourage our visitors through education, programs and offer a unique visitor experience. The Hamilton Aviary wants to ensure future generations will have the opportunity to connect with our avian residents while educating them on the world’s ever growing environmental challenges. We believe that it is important for everyone to serve as guardians and act as good stewards of the environment and all the beings encompassed in it.

About The Hamilton Aviary

The Hamilton Aviary is Canada's oldest public aviary, in our 96th year of operation, and we continue to provide sanctuary to exotic birds who have been displaced. Through our volunteers and programs, The Hamilton Aviary advocates for exotic birds; rehabilitates and retrains them; and educates and fosters a deeper knowledge of what these beautiful creatures are truly capable of.

If you know of suitable locations or need more information please contact:

Kimberly O’Hare Board Member

Jennifer White Executive Director


The Hamilton Aviary Takes Flight Towards a New Home

The Hamilton Aviary, Canada’s oldest public aviary, a favourite destination of many families for the past 97 years, is set to relocate to a yet undecided location.

Please join us in our search for a new site so we can keep this long standing tradition alive for future generations of Hamiltonians.

Tens of thousands of young excited children have passed through the Aviary over many years and locations and have been delighted at the sight of enthralling parrots, parakeets, cockatiels and numerous other exotic birds.

After nearly 100 years of nurturing and cherishing our beloved flock, we are taking on our biggest challenge yet, securing a brand-new sanctuary location.

With the need to put our weathered walls and time-worn infrastructure in the past, The Hamilton Aviary has been tasked with migrating to a new and improved home and we need your help to make it happen!

Are you ready to be part of this mission to rescue and protect our feathered friends? The Hamilton Aviary urgently seeks a new location, ideally accessible via a city bus route, where our 18 parrots and six finches can find comfort, happiness, and love. Our dream is to go beyond the horizon, as we envision a space where we can open our hearts to even more magnificent avian companions, while continuing to provide top-notch care and education on our current residents.

We are racing against the clock and the stakes couldn't be higher. Without a suitable new habitat by the end of the year, our precious birds may have to bid farewell to each other and be placed in foster homes. The complex bonds that these extraordinary creatures have made with their volunteer companions might be lost. We refuse to let that happen, but we can't do it alone - we need your help, passion, and support.

As we celebrate our 96th year of operation, we invite you to join us on this expedition. Together, we can continue to build our legacy, that spans generations, protecting and conserving exotic birds in need for years to come. Please help us reach our 100th birthday!

Founded in 1927, The Hamilton Aviary has been a sanctuary for exotic birds that have been displaced, providing them with love, care, and a new chance at life. We've come a long way in almost a century, advocating for avian welfare, rehabilitating and training our magnificent inhabitants, and fostering a deeper understanding of the incredible capabilities of these enchanting creatures. With your support, we'll continue to soar, ensuring a brighter, more compassionate future for birds and our planet.

Please help us by spreading our message in the hopes to secure an existing property, or some land for us to build an aviary on. With your help, we are confident that we will be able to collect the necessary funding through donations to keep our flock together.

Media inquires and Corporate Sponsorship please contact: Kimberly O’Hare President

Jennifer White

Executive Director

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