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Saturdays Are For The Birds!

Written: Makayla

Photographed: Michelle

Saturdays are for the birds! At least last Saturday was. It was to the sound of squawks that our volunteers and board members welcomed visitors to an aviary festooned with balloons and streamers. Excited to finally be holding our first open house in 4 months - the last one was March 20th - we decided to put on a party as a big thank you to all of our supporters who helped us reach our fundraising goal in June… and to dump a bucket of ‘bird poop’ on our President Tom Priestly.

At 3:30PM all who were in attendance gathered round the patio outside the greenhouse to watch Tom get ‘pooped’ on. (For all those who are wondering, our ‘bird poop’ we opted for slime instead of real bird poop out of kindness to Tom’s laundry machine and our volunteers who would have had the somewhat unpleasant task of collecting the droppings). Tom took it like a champ! Thank you Tom for your hard work and dedication to the aviary!

Unlike Tom, our little party did NOT poop. The games, freezies and prizes were a breath of fresh air after two years of lockdowns and pandemics. The birds for certain were more than overjoyed to have visitors. In fact they enjoyed themselves so much on Saturday that they were a bit tuckered out the next day from all the fun. Thank you to everybody who came! We definitely had fun and we hoped you did too.

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