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Donate Now and Support Rescue Birds

Thank you for supporting The Hamilton Aviary. We rely on donations to feed, shelter, care for and provide veterinary care for rescue birds. Your gift will ensure our birds are happy and healthy, help promote education about responsible parrot guardianship, and support a community that places the well-being of parrots and people at its core. 


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Help our Future!

Are you ready to be part of this mission to rescue and protect our feathered friends? The Hamilton Aviary is currently evolving in order to uphold our mission of looking after and advocating for companion birds. Although we would love to open a new physical sanctuary location, ideally accessible via a city bus route, where exotic birds in our care can find comfort, happiness, and love, we are looking into the viability of becoming a Foster home based community. Our dream is to go beyond the horizon, as we envision a space where we can open our hearts to even more magnificent avian companions, while continuing to provide top-notch care and education for some of our current residents.

Our current flock is being rehomed, but we hope to be able to focus on education and community outreach with our bird ambassadors, enabling us to promote avian welfare in the future.

As we celebrate our 97th year of operation, we invite you to join us on this expedition. Together, we can continue to build our legacy, that spans generations, protecting and conserving exotic birds in need for years to come. Please help us reach our 100th birthday!

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